Earn Crypto by browsing internet

Companies are exploiting your data

Everything that you do online is being tracked. Your data is sold to the highest bidder and you receive nothing for it. This browser think this is wrong.

They believe that you should have the choice to stop this or to earn from it yourself.

So they’ve built the Gener8 browser to give you a choice.

Gener8 lets you choose to keep your data private or to be rewarded from it. 

Browser Feature:

1. Be rewarded for the data you share

2. Limit tracking

3. Be rewarded every time you open a tab

There are 2 type of mode:

1. Rewards Mode (In rewards mode you earn points any time your data is used. You can redeem these for products, vouchers or donations to charity).

2. Privacy Mode (In privacy mode we ensure that you have a private browsing experience by stopping companies from tracking you).

Click the link to download the browser.

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