PKT Cash-The world's first bandwidth-hard blockchain

Turn Bandwidth Into Income

PKT uses PacketCrypt, the world’s first bandwidth-hard proof of work. You can earn PKT Cash (PKT) when you connect your home or office internet to the PKT Network.

PKT uses two types of mining: announcement mining, which anyone can do with a CPU-based device, and block mining, which requires robust infrastructure and networking experience.

The Future Of Networking

The PKT ecosystem aims to solve the problem of internet access monopolization from ISPs by enabling people "instant business" opportunities to support and scale the PKT Network worldwide.

20% of every mined block is paid to the Network Steward, which is a democratically elected wallet address that provides grants towards technology and infrastructure development.

I will update later this post about exchange, works, pool etc.

Stay tune....

Join with this network.

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