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Peer2Profit enables you to make money instantly. All you need to do to start generating income is to create a free account and install their app and you'll be automatically sharing your internet connection.

Peer2Profit is available on Windows, Android, and Linux. (Although I think it works best on Windows or Linux). Their shared internet connection is made very secure; privacy is their top concern, and they make sure no personal data is sent, or that the internet connection is used for illegal activities. All the traffic is encrypted, so they don't have access to your personal data or information. The network is primarily used for business research, app testing, and content delivery.

Peer2Profit is different to other passive income app makers, as it allows you to withdraw after having made just $10. You can withdraw your money in Bitcoin (BTC).

Here are a few things to note on how to earn more through Peer2Profit:

  • Depends on where you are located - areas with higher demand will mean you get paid more!
  • Number of devices connected - more devices, the faster you get paid!
  • Internet speed - the faster this is, the faster you get your big bucks!
  • Referrals - Invite friends to get a % of their earnings

How do you use

The remaining 90% of bandwidth? Choose Peer2Profit and convert it to real profit.

Traffic rate for your networks

Business: 0.3$ = 1GB

Cellular: 1$ = 1GB

Hosting: 0.3$ = 1GB

Residential: 0.8$ = 1GB

Other networks: 0.3$ = 1GB

For referrals networks

Business: 0.15$ = 1GB

Cellular: 0.5$ = 1GB

Hosting: 0.15$ = 1GB

Residential: 0.4$ = 1GB

Other networks: 0.15$ = 1GB

If you would like to try Peer2Profit for yourself, please consider using my referral link (and remember to share yours in the replies):

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