Use browser or plugin earn crypto is a decentralized, federated content sharing platform based on PeerTube. It has censorship protection by design, peer-to-peer live streaming and real content monetization. It is powered by ActivityPub and WebTorrent.

Bittube Features:

1. Browser

2. Extension

3. Mobile app

Bittube Browser:

  • Fast and lightweight browsing
  • No advertisements, no trackers
  • BitTube extension inside:
  • Always rewards your time online
  • Always rewards the content you watch
  • Link to monetize your own social profiles
  • Send donations to publishers you love
  • Buy TUBEs with fiat or cryptocurrency
  • Convert your earnings to local currency

BitTube Browser extension

  • AirTime
  • Link
  • Adblock
  • VPN
  • My wallet
  • Buy TUBEs

Desktop wallet

The graphic user interface (GUI) wallet has extended functionalities, custom preferences and integrated mining software. With this wallet, you can restore any of your addresses using your secret keys or mnemonic seed. It is the safest way to store your funds. A dedicated address book can save frequently used addresses. Select your OS below to download.

You can upload, download and embed videos, start live streams, make comments and donations, manage multiple channels, make playlists, subscribe to your favorite creators and more.

Monetization is offered by BitTube’s AirTime system. It is watch time based, anonymous and does not rely on ads or third parties. See for more information.

BitTube believes in free speech. is part of a global federated network called the Fediverse. Everyone is free to run their own instance and enforce their own content policies if they wish.

Join the future. Sign up to today! 

Here you can Download the plugin by just one click

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