Watch Videos Earn Coins

Chainflix is a revolutionary blockchain-based P2P video streaming platform that allows viewers, content creators, and enhancers to monetize their time, contents, and efforts.

Chainflix Ecosystem

Chainflix is a user-centric P2P video sharing platform. Different ecosystem participants can contribute to the Chainflix platform for CFX rewards. Within our ecosystem, there are viewers, content creators, content enhancers, storage providers, and advertisers. By significantly reducing operational costs through our novel platform architecture, Chainflix is beginning a new realm of sharing economy.

Chainflix Technology

Chainflix resolves the issues in the video streaming industry through proprietary, patented technologies: video play-back based mining, decentralized storages, and blockchain implementation. These innovative technologies separate Chainflix from other existing centralized streaming services and crypto-implemented services.

How does Chainflix work?

  • Content Provider
  • Chainflix CMC
  • Decentralized Storage

Features of Chainflix

1. Getting rewarded by simply watching videos without needing a special gear or plugins.

2. Ability to trade CFX coins on coin exchanges.

3. Transparent revenue-sharing model with the power of Blockchain.

4. Extra CFX coins for watching ads.

Watching free videos was never rewarding until now. Viewers will now be rewarded for their attention!

Join this platform by clicking the link Here.


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