Let's be a part of star network and earn DeFi for your future Coin

What's they say?

Star Network is your universal app with your decentralized money, social media and mobile gaming features that help you earn, trade, socialize and play with our world community. You can now increase, maintain and initiate P2P transactions with your Star Balance. The decentralized finance platform will also launch trading, investment and financing functions at a later stage.

How to join here?

All you need is a mobile phone and internet connection and yourself being a real person who can pass KYC. That’s it.

What make Star Network unique?

Keep It Real. No More Scammer.

Star Network has introduced the concept of nominal balance and realized balance. Realized Balance is part of the balance you receive from KYC-ed arbitrators that you can use or transfer. This means that no fraudster can take advantage of creating a long list of fake accounts, since fraudulent earnings cannot be converted into available balances.

No More Waiting. P2P Transfer Available Now.

Once you have Realized Balance in your wallet, you can initiate P2P transfer with anyone with millions of member of the global Star Network community.

More than just DeFi. Social and Play!

Other than being a one-stop DeFi platform, Star Network app also serve as your social networking tool and mobile game app. Our instant messenger connects you with users around the world. Our Game Centre adds fun to your DeFi experience as you can earn extra tokens by playing our mobile games.

Star network Features:

1. Decentralized Financing

Borrow and lend fiat money or financial assets easily. Earn Up to 30% p.a.

2. Decentralized Wallet & Payment

Pay and receive fiat money or financial assets seamlessly.

3. Decentralized Exchange

Buy and sell financial assets securely without intermediaries.

4. Decentralized Financial Infrastructure

Issue our own crypto-fiat debit card. Enjoy Lifestyle Benefits. Members will get free access to digital services and exclusive offers with merchants.

Why so late?

Join with me provided invitation code : bugsfree

Download their app from Google play store or Apple store. You can also visit their site as well as.

Don't miss it again.

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