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After searching for a lot for 6 months unfortunately I find out @deso. Before many other social media, I did not get the perfect Social Network like Deso. Because many restrictions still exist on those social media which are called decentralized. For example, 3/4 posts per day are common, but they hold as spam by posting more. But I think that every social media should not do it. Because social media is the medium of expression of a person; So, why there will be restrictions here?

I was impressed with the slogan "DeSo for anyone, in any country" on @DeSocialWorld (website) & diamond app website's first words "Don´t settle for a 👍 Get diamonds and invest in creators like never before. Your next post could be worth millions!"

You may know that crypto acceptance or transaction is almost prohibited in many countries. I have not come here anymore for money. I have come here with our daily joy, pain, hope, and desire to share and I want to do some adventure from here that I can spread my artistic work, good articles, or spread all over the world through photography. Here's everyone we are a family. So we will cooperate and someone will present a family in front of a family, brother, sister, associate, or well-wisher.

Deso now has come to my daily use list. Which I had earlier on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Now I hope DESO will verify my ID very soon. Because ID Verify will increase the speed of work, it's sure.

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