Airdrop- NOAH Wallet Rewards airdrop details

Noah is a Bitcoin Lightning Network app that allows users to send and receive Bitcoin payments instantly and with low fees. The Lightning Network is a layer built on top of the Bitcoin network that enables faster and cheaper transactions by creating payment channels between users.

With Noah, users can create a Lightning Network wallet, which is separate from their regular Bitcoin wallet, and easily send and receive payments. The app also allows users to connect to various Lightning Network nodes, so they can access a larger network of payment channels and routes.

Noah also features an intuitive user interface, allowing users to quickly and easily navigate the app and view their transaction history. The app also supports QR code scanning, making it easy to send and receive payments from other users.

They've created a rewards system that gives back to loyal NOAH users. The more you use the app, the more you learn about bitcoin, and the more you tell your friends about NOAH.

Most important, NOAH’s app is a Progressive Web Application. That means any device with a browser can access the application by simply browsing its URL (which you can also access from the NOAH website). In the coming months, they will publish the NOAH app to Apple and Google stores as well.

Guideline & Requirement

Step-by-step guide on how to join.

  • Join the NOAH reward system.
  • Create an account, verify it & set your username.
  • Join NOAH Discord and submit your NOAH Lightening Address here [The address is on your profile | Address Ex:].

Special Note: You can Get a Free 350 NP [Noah Points]. You can exchange points for perks or Tokens in the NOAH app which will be released in the future. They don't have an end date planned for Reward System. So you can refer friends as much as you can.

Noah is a great option for anyone looking to use the Lightning Network to make fast and cheap Bitcoin payments. However, as with any financial app, it's important to exercise caution and only use funds that you can afford to lose.

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining an airdrop project, and note that airdrops are free and no fees or money should be sent to receive tokens. It also cautions people not to invest in any new projects and to only join airdrops for free. "Bugsfree Site" will not be responsible for any loss you may incur.

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